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BSP_name tqm8xx
Manufacturer TQ-Components GmbH
image TQM885 web gross.jpg
caption TQM885 Variant
Board_URL (or)
Architecture PowerPC
CPU_model Various MPC8xx (6 MHz - 133 MHz)
Simulator No
Aliases gen83xx, haleakala, hsc_cm01
RAM 4 MB - 32 MB
NVMEM 16 MByte - 128 MB Flash, 0 - 32 KB EEPROM
Serial 2 serial ports
Video Video Unspecified


  • Freescale PowerQUICC I / MPC8xx, 66 MHz - 133 MHz
  • Small dimensions (54mm x 44mm)
  • Extended temperature range
  • Robust 0,8mm Mezzanine plug, long-term availability
  • Low power disspation, passive cooling
  • Various variation of interfaces
  • High modularity though compatible plugs and pins of all modules

Board Setup

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Downloading and Executing

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