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BSP_name T32MPPC
Manufacturer Lauterbach
Architecture PowerPC, also supports ARMv8 from 2012
CPU_model MPC8540 (CISC or RISC)
Monitor TRACE32-ROM monitor
Simulator RTOS debugger (Compatible with all BDM and JTAG debuggers)
Aliases T32MPPC
RAM userspace is usually 16MB
NVMEM 1,2 or 4 GByte trace memory
Serial UDP port
Video N/A

TBD General description goes here. Improve details.

This is a BSP for the Lauterback Trace PowerPC simulator.

The Trace tool supports multiple architectures and multiple CPU models within each architecture. This BSP assumes it is running on the PowerPC MPC8540 as simulated by Trace. There are two support files in the BSP source code to configure Trace properly for this BSP.


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