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The ARM SMDK2410 BSP is for samsung's s3c2410, and can be easily modify for s3c2440/s3c2510/.... The schematic and detail of the hardware can be found in samsung's web page. The bsp was modified from gp32 (s3c2400), and lots of common file was combined into s3c24xx dir in libcpu and share dir in libbsp. If anyone want to change it for s3c2440, just put the s3c2440.h into libcpu and modify the s3c24xx.h to include s3c2440.h.

This BSP is also capable of running in skyeye with the following configuration

The [SkyEye?|] configuration file should be as follows:

cpu:  arm920t
mach: s3c2410x
mem_bank: map=M, type=RW, addr=0x00000000, size=0x10000000 
mem_bank: map=M, type=RW, addr=0x30000000, size=0x01000000
mem_bank: map=I, type=RW, addr=0x48000000, size=0x20000000