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BSP_name SMDK2410 (Samsung MCU Development Kit)for s3c2410
Manufacturer Samsung Electronics
image smdk2410.jpg
Board_URL User's ManualApplication NoteSchematics (SMDK2410)
Architecture ARM
CPU_model S3C2410 (ARM920T)
Monitor U-Boot
Simulator Yes. Skyeye
RAM SDRAM 64MB (32MB x 2)
Serial 2
NICs Samsung MCU Development Kit
Video color TFT LCD,Touch panel interface

The ARM SMDK2410 BSP is for samsung's s3c2410, and can be easily modify for s3c2440/s3c2510/.... The schematic and detail of the hardware can be found in samsung's web page. The bsp was modified from gp32 (s3c2400), and lots of common file was combined into s3c24xx dir in libcpu and share dir in libbsp. If anyone want to change it for s3c2440, just put the s3c2440.h into libcpu and modify the s3c24xx.h to include s3c2440.h.

This BSP is also capable of running in skyeye with the following configuration

The [SkyEye?| Skyeye] configuration file should be as follows:

cpu:  arm920t
mach: s3c2410x
mem_bank: map=M, type=RW, addr=0x00000000, size=0x10000000 
mem_bank: map=M, type=RW, addr=0x30000000, size=0x01000000
mem_bank: map=I, type=RW, addr=0x48000000, size=0x20000000


SMDK2410 for S3C2410 is a platform that is suitable for code development of SAMSUNG's S3C2410, 16/32-bit RISC microcontroller (ARM920T) for hand-held device and general applications.It shows the basic system-based hardware design which uses the S3C2410. It can evaluate the basic operations of the S3C2410X01 and develop codes for it as well.SMDK2410 (Samsung MCU Development Kit) consist of S3C2410, boot EEPROM (Flash ROM), SDRAM, LCD interface, two serial communication ports, configuration switches, JTAG interface and status LEDs.

How to use it?

You can use the sample board support package (BSP) provided by Microsoft® Windows® CE for the SMDK2410 Samsung MCU Development Kit to quickly evaluate Windows CE operating system (OS) features. For more information about the sample BSPs included in Microsoft Platform Builder for ARM microprocessors, see