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Contributed by Ayush as part of Google Code In 2012


{{Infobox BSP

|BSP_name = CPU32 Simulator |Manufacturer = ASH WARE MtDt? |Board_URL = |Architecture = M68K |CPU_model = CPU32 |Simulator = TPU/CPU32 System Simulator |Aliases = SIMCPU32 |RAM = RAM Unspecified |NVMEM = Unspecified |Serial Ports = 2 serial ports |Video = Video unspecified }}= CPU32 Simulator =

A CPU32 simulation engine under ASH WARE's MtDt? simulation framework. Overview With the intuitive interface and useful features for which ASH WARE is well known, our CPU32 simulation engine will significantly decrease your development time and improve the quality of your code. This easy-to-use development tool, with its advanced debugging capabilities, is available also as part of our TPU System Simulator and eTPU2 System Simulator products.= Supported Hosts =

  • Windows 7, XP, 2000, NT 4.0.
  • Linux under Wine

Supported Targets

  • CPU32 core= Product Information =
  • Software is provided by e-delivery only.
  • All product documentation is electronic and installs with the software. Hardcopy manuals can be ordered separately, see <>.
  • Node-locked permanent license. Node-locked means the software is only fully functional on the registered computer. The node-lock may be moved on request when a computer or user change is required. Permanent means the software continues to be fully functional permanently; no lease timeout, etc. A USB dongle may be purchased that simplifies moving the license among computers/users. Network licensing is also available - contact us for details and pricing.
  • Includes 12 months of full technical support (online or phone) and access to new software releases.