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new arm bsp for Philips's ARM processor


RTEMS bsp for Philips's ARM processor

This BSP is design for Philips's LPC2210/LPC2212/LPC2214/LPC2290/LPC2294 (LPC22xx) serial ARM processor.

Philphs's LPC22xx ARM processor got an ARM7TDMI-S core, and can run at 60MHz. It has an external memory bus, and

peripherals like UART, I2C, SPI, ADC and etc. Some of them got on chip flash (256k) and CAN.

The board used to develop the board is compatible with LPC-E2214/LPC-E2294 boards from

The board use to develop the BSP got a 256K SRAM(No ROM, program runs in RAM via a JTAG-ICE) and two serial ports.

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