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{{Infobox BSP |BSP_name = RAD750 |Manufacturer = BAE |image = Bae cimg eis rad750 family.jpg |caption = RAD750 3U, CPU, and 6U |Board_URL = |Architecture = PowerPC |CPU_model = RAD750 |Monitor = SUROM |Simulator = None freely available |Aliases = rad750_3u, rad750_6u, rad750_3u_debug, and rad750_6u_debug |RAM = 128 MB |NVMEM = XX KB EEPROM |Serial = one. NS16550 compatible |NICs = None |Other = Radiation Hardened }}


The BAE Systems RAD750 Single Board Computer contains a RAD750 PowerPC cpu and a Power PCI intelligent bridge with peripherals. This bsp uses a large number shared functionality since the this cpu is a hardened version of the the PowerPC 750, the Power PCI contains a ns16550 UART, and the Power PCI appears to be PReP compliant. At this time there are four supported configurations across two boards. These bsps may be selected using the "rad750_3u" and "rad750_3u_debug" for support of the RAD750 3U board and the "rad750_6u" and "rad750_6u_debug" for support the RAD750 6U board.

Board Setup

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Downloading and Executing

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Test Reports

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