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    5050Describe the download procedure.
     51= Simics =
     53Simics is a commercially licensed simulator.  These instructions assume you can set up and run Simics independently and have the proper licenses.  For a free simulator, try M5 as described below.
     56= M5 =
     58Follow the instructions on the [ M5 wiki] for getting started.  The examples given are for the Alpha targets.  You will also want to compile and install the m5term application.
     60To build the sparc full system targets, use:
     62    $ scons build/SPARC_FS/m5.debug
     63    $ scons build/SPARC_FS/m5.opt
     64    $ scons build/SPARC_FS/
     65    $ scons build/SPARC_FS/
     67Download and extract the [ OpenSparc architecture and performance modeling tools]. Copy *.bin and nvram1 from OpenSPARCT1_Arch.1.5/S10image/ to the /dist/m5/system/binaries/ directory.  Also copy disk.s10hw2 from the S10image/ directory to the /dist/m5/system/disks/ directory.  Rename reset.bin, q.bin, and openboot.bin to reset_new.bin, q_new.bin, and openboot_new.bin, which are the binaries expected by the m5 SPARC_FS scripts.
     69In a terminal window, start the simulator with:
     71    $ build/SPARC_FS/m5.debug -d /tmp/output configs/example/
     73In another terminal, connect to the simulator with:
     75    $ m5term localhost 3457
     77 You should eventually see this in your m5term window:
     79    ==== m5 slave terminal: Terminal 0 ====
     81    Sun Fire T2000, No Keyboard
     82    Copyright 2005 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
     83    OpenBoot 4.20.0, 256 MB memory available, Serial #1122867.
     84    [mo23723 obp4.20.0 #0]
     85    Ethernet address 0:80:3:de:ad:3, Host ID: 80112233.
     89    ok
     91 The "ok" prompt is the OpenBoot prompt.  Just type boot and press enter, and the OpenSparc Solaris image will start to boot.
     93The sparc64 sun4v BSP will boot on the SPARC_FS full system simulator of M5.  The first step is to bundle RTEMS executables and SILO on to a bootable ISO9660 filesystem.  [ rtemssparc64] has some scripts to help create the bootable disk, which uses the same approach for booting RTEMS on Simics Niagara.  Next change the ${m5}/configs/common/ file and replace disk('disk.s10hw2') with disk('image.iso'), where image.iso is the ISO9660 filesystem image built for booting RTEMS.  M5 will look in /dist/m5/system/disks for the image.iso file, so link image.iso to the /dist/m5/system/disks/image.iso location.  For more details on using RTEMS with M5 see [ this blog].
    5194= Debugging =