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BSP_name MVME3100
Manufacturer Emerson Network Power
image MVME3100.png|300px
Board_URL Emerson
Architecture PowerPC
CPU_model MPC8540
NVMEM 32MB to 256MB Flash
Serial 4 async
Video NA

The MVME3100 is a VME board based on a PowerPC MPC8540 processor. It is supported with the MVME3100 BSP.


The MVME3100, one of the first VMEbus products with the system-on-chip MPC8540 processor, offers a growth path for VMEbus customers with applications on the previous generation of VME, specifically the MPC8240 and similar (MPC603 family) processors. The system-on-chip implementation offers power/thermal, reliability, and lifecycle advantages not typically found in alternative architectures. The faster processor and 2eSST VMEbus interface (the same as the MVME6100) combine to offer significant performance improvement.

New cost-effective peripherals can be integrated easily using USB and Serial ATA interfaces. SATA represents a significant cost reduction opportunity from older SCSI technology, with generally lower drive pricing for equivalent capacity.


  • MPC8540 PowerQUICC III™ integrated processor (e500 core)
  • Clock Frequency: 667 or 833 MHz
  • On-chip L1 Cache (I/D): 32K/32K
  • On-chip L2 Cache: 256KB look-aside


  • 512MB of DDR333 ECC memory
  • 166 MHz

Flash Memory

  • 32MB to 256 MB Flash memory
  • On-board programmable


  • Capacity: 128KB (available for users), 8KB baseboard Vital Product Data (VPD)


  • Asynchronous Serial Ports: Four, RJ-45, labeled as COM2-5
  • Ethernet: One 10/100/1000 BaseTX and one 10/100 BaseTX, RJ-4

VMEBus Interface

  • Controller: Tundra Tsi148 PCI-X to VMEbus bridge with support for VME64 and 2eSST protocols

USB Interface

  • Controller: NEC µ720101
  • Configuration: USB 2.0
  • One port
  • Connector: One powered port routed to front panel

SATA Interface

  • Controller: Intel® G31244
  • Configuration: 1.5Gbps/port, Legacy or DPA mode (switch-selected)
  • Two ports
  • Connectors: One routed to front panel, one header on board top surface
  • Indicators: Planar activity LEDs on board back side

Block Diagram


Usage Notes

WARNING: It is extremely important that a MOTLoad "waitProbe", "netShut" sequence be executed before booting RTEMS. Otherwise, network interface interrupt handlers installed by MOTLoad may cause memory corruption