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    77|image        = MVME2600_L_219.jpg
    88|Architecture = PowerPC
    9 |CPU_model    = TBD
     9|CPU_model    = MPC604
    1010|Simulator    = No
    13 This is a Motorola VMEBus Board which uses the [wiki:TBR/BSP/Motorola_powerpc Motorola Shared BSP].  It uses the MPC604 CPU.
     13This is a Motorola VMEBus Board which uses the [wiki:TBR/BSP/Motorola_powerpc Motorola Shared BSP].
     15The MVME2600 series is a family of VMEbus processor modules based on the Motorola PowerPlus VME architecture with PowerPC architecture-compatible microprocessors. The flexibility of the MVME2600 provides an excellent base platform that can be quickly and easily customized for a variety of industry-specific applications.
     16Designed to meet the needs of military and aerospace, industrial automation, and medical imaging market segments, the MVME2600 applies to a variety of applications. DRAM expansion mezzanines enable memory upgrades to the maximum 512MB of ECC DRAM without requiring additional VME slots.
     17Main Features
     19 *  MPC60x class of microprocessors
     20 *  16KB/16KB or 32KB/32KB L1 cache
     21 *  256KB L2 cache
     22 *  Up to 512MB ECC DRAM on-board memory
     23 *  XXX MB on-board Flash, 1MB socketed
     24 *  64-bit PCI mezzanine connector
     25 *  On-board debug monitor with self-test diagnostics
     26 *  IEEE P1386.1 compatible 32/64-bit PMC expansion slot
     27 *  Two or three async, one or two sync/async serial ports
     28 *  Ethernet transceiver interface with 32-bit PCI local bus DMA
     29 *  8- or 16-bit Fast SCSI-2 bus interface
     30 *  Parallel, floppy, keyboard, and mouse interfaces
     31 *  8KB x 8 NVRAM and time-of-day clock with replaceable battery backup
     32 *  Four 32-bit timers, one watchdog timer
    1534See the thread started here for some discussion of this board.