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Mpc5566evb (add page and link on mpc55xxevb)

{{Infobox BSP |BSP_name = Mpc5566evb |Manufacturer = Freescale |image = MPC5566_BD.jpg? |Board_URL = FreeScale |Architecture = Power Architecture® |CPU_model = The Freescale e200z6 core |Simulator = |RAM = 128 KB + 32 KB of cache (with line-locking) that can be configured as additional RAM |NVMEM = Flash : up to 3 MB + 32KB of cache |Serial = CAN, SCI, SP |Other = User Guide }}


  • High-performance 132 MHz 32-bit Power Architecture technology core with variable length encoding (VLE)
  • Memory management unit (MMU) with 32-entry fully associative translation lookaside buffer (TLB)
  • SPE (signal processing extension): DSP, SIMD and floating point capabilities


  • 3 MB of embedded flash memory with error correction coding (ECC) and RWW
  • 128 KB on-chip static RAM with ECC
  • 32 KB of cache (with line-locking) that can be configured as additional RAM


  • Two enhanced time processor units (eTPUs), each with 32 I/O channels and 24 KB of designated SRAM
  • 64-channel eDMA (enhanced direct memory access) controller
  • Interrupt controller (INTC) capable of handling 339 selectable-priority interrupt sources
  • Frequency modulated phase-locked loop (FMPLL) to assist in electromagnetic interference (EMI) management
  • MPC500 compatible external bus interface
  • Nexus IEEE®-ISTO 5001 class 3+ multicore debug capabilities > 5/3.3V IO, 5V ADC, 3.3V/1.8V bus, 1.5V core
  • 416-pin PBGA package
  • Temperature range: -40 to 125ºC


  • 40-channel dual enhanced queued analog-to-digital converters (eQADC)—each up to 12 bit resolution and up to 1.25 us conversions, six queues with triggering and DMA support
  • Four deserial serial peripheral interface (DSPI) modules—16 bits wide up to six chip selects each
  • Four controller area network (CAN) modules with 64 buffers each
  • Two enhanced serial communication interface (eSCI) modules
  • 24-channel enhanced multiple I/O system (EMIOS) with unified channels