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Serial2 Included in Processor. (processor supports 3)
NICsone. 100BaseT included in Processor.
OtherProcessor, but not BSP, includes eTPU, CAN, I2C, and QSPI. BDM debugger port on board.

This BSP includes work done for other BSPs written by EricNorum?, DPeterSiddons, TillStraumann?, BrettSwimley?, and JayMonkman?. It is based heavily on the uC5282 BSP.

The MCF5235EVB is a Motorola evaluation board that is based on the Coldfire MCF5235 32-bit processor. The board includes 32 Mbytes of SDRAM, 2Mbytes of flash, the MCF5235 processor with a max core frequency of 150MHz, Ethernet support, and CAN bus support. This BSP has also been tested to work with the Coldfire MCF5270 processor with a max core frequency of 100MHz.

This BSP has also been tested to work with the newer Freescale M5235BCC evaluation board.

This BSP has also been tested to work with the Axiom Manufacturing CMM-5235 Board

The BSP provides support to run applications from both RAM when debugging and from Flash when the application is complete. The RAM mode, which relies on either the dBug monitor or GDB configuration of the boards hardware, is the default. An alternate linker script is available for stand alone operation from Flash by adding the following line to the applications Makefile:

LDFLAGS += -qnolinkcmds -T linkcmdsflash

This BSP also works with the Axiom Manufacturing's CMM-5235-OEM board

Board Setup

Here is the setup for the Axiom M5235BCC in the RTEMS Lab

dBUG> show

base: 16 baud: 19200

server: client:

gateway: netmask:

filename: /mcf5235.exe filetype: ELF

ethaddr: 00:20:DD:00:00:11

Downloading and Executing


Use the dn command to load an ELF image from the tftp server.

Unfortunately, this fails on the board in the RTEMS build farm:

dBUG> dn Ethernet Address is 00:20:DD:00:00:11 Downloading ELF '/mcf5235.exe' from Program Headers:

Segment #0 (Vaddr: 00040000, Paddr: 00040000, Size: 0005E310)

\Access Error: FS=8, Physical bus error on operand write PC: FFE3E146 SR: 2000 [t.Sm.000...xnzvc] An: 40000000 00006072 40000000 40000000 000060D6 000475F0 00006096 00006072 Dn: 0000FFFF 0000FFFF 0000D058 00000004 000A70F8 00000001 0008F4B4 00000001 FFE3E146: 41EE 0008 LEA 8(A6),A0


Use the method described in the Debugging section below.


The RTEMS build farm debugs with gdb and the BDM interface using BDM Tools, the Open Source development tools and drivers for Freescale Background Debug Module (BDM) interface and an AxBDM pod. Below is an example debugging session illustrating the use of gdb with the BDM tools:

[root@rtrack3 ~]# /opt/rtems-4.11/bin/m68k-rtems4.11-gdb GNU gdb (GDB) 7.2 Copyright (C) 2010 Free Software Foundation, Inc. License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later <> This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law. Type "show copying" and "show warranty" for details. This GDB was configured as "--host=i686-pc-linux-gnu --target=m68k-rtems4.11". For bug reporting instructions, please see: <>. ( gdb) target remote | m68k-bdm-gdbserver pipe /dev/tblcf1 Remote debugging using | m68k-bdm-gdbserver pipe /dev/tblcf1 trying usb driver: /dev/tblcf1 m68k-bdm: detected MCF5235 m68k-bdm: architecture CF5235 connected to /dev/tblcf1 m68k-bdm: Coldfire debug module version is 0 (5206(e)/5235/5272/5282) Process /dev/tblcf1 created; pid = 0 0xffe254b6 in ?? () (gdb) file mcf5235.exe A program is being debugged already. Are you sure you want to change the file? (y or n) y Reading symbols from /root/mcf5235.exe...done. (gdb) load Loading section .text, size 0x59730 lma 0x40000 Loading section .data, size 0x14f0 lma 0x99730 Start address 0x40414, load size 371744 Transfer rate: 4 KB/sec, 1946 bytes/write. (gdb) c Continuing.

Test Reports

{{Test Report |Version = CVS HEAD |Date = August 20 2005 |User = User:Unknown? |Report = using gcc-3.4.3, binutils-2.15, and newlib-1.12.0: Tested successfully the hello world, ticker, the goAhead webserver sample applications, and all timing tests. }}

{{Test Report |Version = CVS HEAD |Date = 5 July 2006 |User = User:Unknown? |Report = using gcc-4.1.0, binutils-2.17, and newlib-1.14.0 under cygwin: Tested successfully the hello world test for both the Freescale M5235EVB and the Freescale M5235BCC evaluation boards. The tests were run both from RAM under dBug / BDM control as well as stand alone from Flash. }}

{{Test Report |Version = CVS head |Date = 25 March 2011 |User = User:Richard Campbell? |Report = Successfully ran ticker; File I/O test hangs in IntUartPollWrite? with no console output. }}


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