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{{Infobox BSP |BSP_name = MCF5206Elite |Manufacturer = Motorola |image = |caption = optional image caption |Board_URL = |Architecture = Freescale Coldfire |CPU_model = MCF5206e |Monitor = uBoot, uMon |Simulator = Coldfire |Aliases = No |RAM = 1 MB SRAM |NVMEM = 1 MB Flash |Serial = 2 x UARTs |NICs = N/A |Other = Power Requirements are +5V regulated power supply }}


The M5206eLITE is a versatile single board computer based on MCF5206e ColdFire?® Processor. It may be used as a powerful microprocessor based controller in a variety of applications. With the addition of a terminal, it serves as a complete microcomputer system for development/evaluation, training and educational use. To have a fully functional system, all that is required is an RS-232 terminal (or a PC with terminal emulation software) and a regulated 5V power supply. It is possible to expand the memory and I/O capabilities of this board by connecting additional hardware via the Microprocessor Expansion Bus connectors, although it may be necessary to add bus buffers to accomodate additional bus loading.


Board Setup

If there are special jumper or ROM monitor settings, describe them.

Downloading and Executing

Describe the download procedure.


How do you debug code on this board? What gdb setup? BDM, stub, etc?

Test Reports

4.7-branch 2006-11-15: User:JoelSherrill? reports that hello, ticker, and paranoia run using the Coldfire simulator.

The Coldfire simulator available from will run this BSP although that simulator is EXTREMELY slow taking 8-10 times real-time on a fast development machine. Instructions for running an executable on this BSP were posted to the RTEMS list ( The only tricky thing using those instructions is that you have to convert the ELF .exe into a binary using objcopy before downloading it to the simulator.