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Mbx860 002

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Motorola MBX860 002


MBX860 models include:

  • 40 MHz MPC860 processor
  • PC/104-Plus
  • 10BaseT Ethernet
  • EIDEand Floppy interfaces
  • 32KB NVRAM
  • keyboard, mouse, IR, COM1 and COM2 ports
  • COMM interface connector


The MPC860 processor is especially well-suited for applications involving communications and networking systems. The CPU on the MPC860 is a 32-bit PowerPC™ implementation incorporating memory management units (MMUs) and instruction/data caches.It has a communications processor module that includes an Interprocessor-Integrated Controller (I2C) channel for data exchanges between the MPC860 and other ICs with I2C capability — microcontrollers, LCD displays, real-time clock devices, etc. The MPC860’s memory controller supports all available types of memory. Its PCMCIA controller supports up to two PCMCIA sockets (one is implemented on the MBX) and a real-time clock.


The MBX series embedded controller has provision for either 4MB or 16MB of on-board DRAM, soldered in place. In addition, it accommodates 8MB to 64MB of expansion DRAM in a 168-pin DIMM (dual in-line memory module) socket, XU3. The on-board DRAM is composed of two 16-bit devices (either 1M x 16 or 4M x 16). Parity protection is optional. If expansion DRAM is installed in the DIMM socket, it must have the same characteristics as the on-board DRAM: single bank, 3.3V,EDO (extended data out), 4K refresh rate, and same clock speed.

Flash Memory




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