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Mbx821 002b

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Motorola MBX821 002b

Complete embedded system software solution for wireless computing and communication devices Scalable OS-9 based RTOS architecture. Pre-configured for Motorola MBX821 and MBX860 Entry and Standard Level boards.

  • Multi-tasking, real-time OS-9 PowerPC kernel
    • Flexible networking subsystem (SoftStax?)
    • TCP/IP Support (BSD 4.4 Socket)
    • Floppy and IDE Hard Disk Support
    • Keyboard & Mouse Support
    • MAUI Graphics Support
      • LCD (MBX821)
      • SVGA/VGA (PC/104+)
    • CardSoft? PCMCIA Support by SystemSoft?
  • Full C/C++ Integrated Development Environment for Windows:


MBX821 models include:

  • 40 MHz MPC821 processor;
  • PC/104-Plus; 10BaseT Ethernet;
  • EIDE and Floppy interfaces;
  • 32KB NVRAM;
  • keyboard, mouse, IR, COM1 and COM2 ports;
  • LCD panel connector


The MBX821-002b has 4MB of DRAM, soldered in place.

Flash Memory

Flash memory on the MBX821-002b embedded controller consists of 4MB.


The MBX821-001 embedded controller accommodates 32KB of non- volatile RAM (NVRAM).


MBX821 models include 40 MHz MPC821 processor.


MBX series embedded controllers can use 3.0V–3.6V battery power (either on board, or external via utility connector #1) as a backup power source for the “keep-alive” power circuits (such as the real-time clock) in the processor.

=Block diagram=

File:Block diagram.png?