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{{Infobox BSP |BSP_name = MBX821-001 |Manufacturer = Motorola |image = |caption = optional image caption |Board_URL = |Architecture = PowerPc? |CPU_model = MPC821 |Simulator = N/A |RAM = 4 MB DRAM |NVRAM = 32 KB NVRAM with battery backup and low battery indication |Non-Volatile Memory = 2 MB Flash |Serial = 1xCOM1 serial port and 1xIEEE1284 bidirectional parallel port |Other = The board has an lcd panel connector and has an SCC1 port that is coupled to an Ethernet transceiver that supports both AUI and 10Base-T connections }}



The MPC821 processor is especially well-suited for applications where lower power is essential, such as portable and/or high- performance communications systems. The CPU on the MPC821 is a 32-bit PowerPC™ implementation incorporating memory management units (MMUs) and instruction/data caches. It has a communications processor module that includes:

  • Two serial communication controller (SCC) channels
  • Two serial management channels (SMCs)
  • A serial peripheral interface (SPI) channel
  • an Interprocessor-Integrated Controller (I2C) channel for dataexchanges between the MPC821 and other ICs with I2Ccapability — microcontrollers, LCD displays, real-time clock devices, etc.

The MPC821’s memory controller supports all available types of memory. Its PCMCIA controller supports up to two PCMCIA sockets (one is implemented on the MBX). There is also a display capability via LCD controller and a real-time clock.


The MBX821-001 has 4MB of on-board DRAM, soldered in place.

Flash Memory

Flash memory on the MBX821-001 embedded controller consists of 2MB .


The MBX821-001 embedded controller accommodates 32KB of non- volatile RAM (NVRAM) in a 34-pin socket, XU1.


The on-board backup power source for the NVRAM is a Sanyo CR14250SE lithium battery which is socketed for easy removal and replacement. A small capacitor is provided to allow the battery to be quickly replaced without data loss.


The MBX821-001 embedded controller uses a 37C672 Super I/O controller chip from Standard Microsystems to implement the on- board peripheral functions of the standard version:

  • An asynchronous serial port (COM1) for theconsole/terminal interface
  • IEEE1284 bidirectional parallel port
  • Floppy disk drive support
  • Keyboard and mouse interface

Block Diagram