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/* Mpc5674 */



Freescale Mpc5674fevb

The VertiCal? system is designed to enable the use of new enhanced automotive calibration and debug tools on the MPC5674F family of automotive microcontrollers. VertiCal? components are available to support a wide range of MPC5600 devices in various package types. All VertiCal? hardware is designed to support a standardized tool connector, allowing a variety of calibration and debug hardware to be connected and reused.


  • VertiCal? developement system compatible
  • Pitch 1.00 (mm)
  • Up to 516 Pins
  • Use 100% production silicon
  • Standardized hardware across the MPC5600 family
  • Interconnect standard supported by multiple calibration tool developers
  • Support for simplified implementation of overlay memory
  • Flexibility to support new microcontroller features for prototyping use
  • Allows system calibration w/o impacting standard MCU I/O resources
  • Uses tried and tested technology


The MPC5674F has 256 KB of SRAM, compared to the 128 KB of SRAM on the MPC5566. If the extra SRAM is to be used, the application initialization code must be modified so that it initializes all SRAM up to 256 KB. Additionally, any linker directive files must be updated to reflect the change in the memory map. The MPC5674F ECC supports single-bit error reporting for SRAM memory.