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{{Infobox BSP |BSP_name = M5484 |Manufacturer = Fire Engine |image = |Board_URL = |Architecture = Blackfin |CPU_model = bf537 |Simulator = Yes. Skyeye }}

  • Limited superscalar V4 ColdFire? processor core
  • Double-precision conforms to IEE-754 standard
  • Controller Area Network (CAN) 2.0B Interface
  • 32-bit double data rate (DDR) synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) controller
    • 66–133 MHz operation
    • Supports DDR and SDR DRAM
    • Built-in initialization and refresh
    • Up to four chip selects enabling up to one GB of external
  • 32-Kbyte system SRAM
    • Arbitration mechanism shares bandwidth between internal bus masters
  • IrDA 1.1 interfaces
  • Up to four programmable serial controllers (PSCs) each with separate 512-byte receive and transmit FIFOs for UART, USART, modem, codec
  • Debug and test features
    • ColdFire? background debug mode (BDM) port
    • JTAG/ IEEE 1149.1 test access port
  • Estimated power consumption
    • Less than 1.5W (388 PBGA)