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new LM4F120 BSP info


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{{Infobox BSP |BSP_name = LM4F120 |Manufacturer = Texas Instruments |image = Stellaris Launchpad.jpg |caption = Stellaris Launchpad |Board_URL = LM4F120:, TM4C123G: |Architecture = ARM Cortex-M4F |CPU_model = 80 MHz Cortex-M4F CPU |Monitor = TI proprietary bootloader |Simulator = Yes. [OpenOCD simualator] |Aliases = EK-LM4F120XL |RAM = 32-KByte SRAM |NVMEM = 256-KByte flash, 2-KByte EEPROM |Serial = 4 serial ports |Video = }}


This is the cheapest evaluation board the Stellaris LM4F CPU family. NOTE: Please note that after the release of the LM4F Stellaris family, TI went ahead and rebranded whole Stellaris LM4F line to Tiva C Series or Tiva C TM4C family. See below for a link to table listing corresponding part of LM4F and TM4C families


  • Stellaris LM4F120H5QR microcontroller
  • USB micro-B connector for USB device
  • RGB user LED
  • Two user switches (application/wake)
  • Available I/O brought out to headers on a 0.1-in (2.54-mm) grid
  • On-board Stellaris ICDI
  • Switch-selectable power sources:
    • ICDI
    • USB device
  • Reset switch
  • Preloaded RGB quickstart application
  • Supported by StellarisWare? software including the USB library and the peripheral driver library
  • Stellaris LM4F120 LaunchPad? BoosterPack? XL Interface, which features stackable headers to expand

the capabilities of the Stellaris LaunchPad? development platform


Board Setup

The board runs find without any tuning/switching.

Downloading and Executing

See <ref name="Debugging">


Using OpenOCD >= 0.7.0. This OpenOCD release added Stellaris ICDI support. On Windows I'm using bin\openocd-0.7.0.exe -f scripts\board\ek-lm4f120xl.cfg to start the debugger. Then I connect to it GNU RTEMS debugger by

target remote localhost:3333 monitor reset halt load <rtems.exe> cont

Test Reports

{{Test Report |Version = submitted for inclusion, |Date = August 14 2013 |User = User:KarelGardas? |Report = hello.exe was running fine. ticker.exe not due to limited RAM available on this board. }}