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BSP_name csb637
Manufacturer Cogent Computer Systems, Inc.
image Csb637 top web.jpg
Architecture ARM9 - arm920t
CPU_model Atmel AT91RM9200
Monitor Micromonitor - uMon
Simulator No
Aliases No
RAM 64Mbyte 32-Bit SDRAM (external)
NVMEM 8Mbyte 16-Bit StrataFLASH
Serial 4 general purpose (Driver), 1 debug (Driver)
NICs 1 integrated 10/100 Ethernet
Other -


This Development Kit is composed by the:

  • CSB637 Single Board Computer
  • CSB937 Main Board for the Target
  • Optrex LCD (T-51750AA, 640x480)
  • LCD Inverter(xx)= CSB637 Single Board Computer =


  • 184Mhz ARM920T Core
  • 64Mbyte SDRAM
  • 8Mbyte FLASH
  • Single RS232 Debug Port
  • Three TTL UARTs (7wire x 1, 4wire x 2)
  • Two Synchronous Serial Ports (SPI, I2S, etc.) and 400Khz Two Wire I/F
  • USB 2.0 Host Port (x2) and USB 2.0 Device Port
  • OnBoard?, Low Power 10/100 Ethernet Phy
  • Dual 4Bit SD/MMC Controllers
  • OnBoard? LCD/CRT Controller (up to 800x600) with separate 2Mbyte Frame Buffer
  • 40+ GPIO's with Interrupt Capability
  • JTAG Debug Port with 16Bit Embedded Trace
  • Ultracompact: 1.77" (45mm) wide x 2.6" (66mm) long x 0.355" (9mm)
  • 95% Efficient 3.3V @ 4.5A Switching Regulator (can supply up to 3.5A to user board)
  • 1W Typ., 0.75W Max. Power Consumption
  • 0C to +70C Standard, 20C to +85C Optional


This is the overview for OEM Single Board Computer csb637 from Cogent Computer Systems, Inc. This overview is a variation of csb337 BSP which includes the following slight but important hardware and software differences:

  • External memory CSB337: 16MB SDRAM CSB637: 64MB SDRAM
  • Video buffer: CSB337: 1MB CSB637: 8MB
  • Video driver: CSB337: S1D13706 CSB637: S1D13506
  • PHY Layer: CSB337: LXT971ALC CSB637: BCM5221
  • RTEMS Driver for 4 USARTs in polled mode
  • RTEMS Driver for LCD and console mirror
  • RTEMS Driver for uMon
  • ?? Some GPIO or interrupts moved arround.

Cogent CSB637 product page is

Atmel AT91RM9200 product page is

uMon page is

Designed for low power, portable use, the CSB637 represents a breakthrough in functionality, size and power. At the heart of the CSB637 lies the Atmel AT91RM9200 Microprocessor. The ARM920T core combines excellent performance with very low power consumption. This ability, along with the on chip 10/100 Ethernet, SD/MMC, 4 UARTS, SSI, SPI and Compact Flash Interfaces allows the AT91RM9200 to power lowcost, high performance products for industrial automation, telematics, medical applications, etc.= CSB937 Target Board =


  • Appropriate Connectors for RS232 (Debug UART), Ethernet and USB (Host and Device)
  • Two GPIO Driven LED's for Status Display
  • One GPIO Readable Switch for User Input
  • Type I/II Compact Flash and 4Bit SD/MMC Sockets
  • .1" Headers for access to all unused and most used CSB637 signals for analysis and expansion
  • 5V @ 3A Switxhing Regulator for USB Host, LCD and LCD Backlight
  • Compact 4" x 5" size


The CSB937 Development Board converts the CSB937 Micro Single Board Computer (uSBC) into an advanced product development platform. As the CSB937 uSBC is optimized for OEM use, it does not have the DB9's, RJ45, Switches, etc. found on larger, older technology single board computers. The CSB937 provides those standard connectors, while also allowing complete access to the GPIO and peripheral functions of the CSB637 needed during the product development stage. Schematics and gerbers for the CSB937 are available free of charge to assist in the design and integration of the CSB637 into your custom product.

Optrex LCD (T-51750AA, 640x480)


  • Module type - Color TFT Digital LCD
  • Display Operating Mode - Transmissive, normally white
  • Screen Size (inch) - 6.5-inch diagonal
  • Surface Treatment - -AA: AGLR (Anti-Glare, Low Reflective) coating, 3H
  • Display Format (dot) - 640 x 480
  • Dot Pitch (HxV mm) - 0.069 x 0.207
  • Active Area (HxV mm) - 132.5 x 99.4
  • Pixel Configuration - RGB vertical stripe
  • Outline Dimensions (WxHxD mm) - 158.0 x 120.36 x 11.55
  • Supply Voltage (VDC) - 3.3/5.0 CMOS
  • Response Time (ms) - 31 ms
  • Backlight - CCFL, 2 tubes, replaceable
  • Lamp Lifetime (hours) - 30,000
  • Luminance (cd/m2) - 400
  • Contrast Ratio - 300:1
  • Display Colors - 262,144
  • Viewing Direction - 6 o’clock
  • Viewing Angle - H: +/- 55?; V: +60/-30?
  • Module Mass (g) - 190
  • Shock Resistance - 490 m/s2 (50G)
  • Operating Temperature Range - 0?C to +60?C
  • Storage Temperature Range - -25?C to +70?C


Optrex’s new T-51750 Series 6.5-inch diagonal color TFT LCD modules with VGA resolution offer a range of new features – including an ultra-slim outline, outstanding front-of-screen performance, economical COG construction and Optrex’s new built-in Anti-Reflective (AR) surface treatment on the front polarizer for high-ambient-light readability. The AR Surface Treatment provides excellent legibility and eliminates glare – with no decrease in luminance or contrast, and no increase in heat or backlight power consumption – for highambient- light environments.

CSB637 Block diagram

CSB637 block diagram
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CSB637 bottom view

CSB637 bottom view
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CSB937 Block diagram

CSB937 Target Board block diagram
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