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ManufacturerGamePark? Holdings
CPU_modelDual CPU: 200 MHz Host ARM920T 200 MHz ARM940T
OtherBatteries 2 x AA

The GP2X is a Linux-based handheld game console and media player, designed & manufactured by the South Korean company, GamePark? Holdings (GPH). GPH is comprised of the same design team that created the GP32 handheld console, which became popular among homebrew and emulation circles worldwide.


Released on November 10, 2005 in South Korea, the GP2X was designed to play music and videos, view photos, and play games. It had an open architecture (Linux based), allowing anybody to develop and run software. Also, there was the possibility for additional features (such as support for new media formats) to be added in the future due to the upgradeable firmware.

A popular use of the GP2X was to run emulators, which allows one to use software from a video game of another system on the GP2X.

Video showing off the GP2X in action

Features in GP2X BSP:

What distinguishes the GP2X from other handhelds (such as the Sony PSP or Nintendo DS) is that it is designed to be open and easily developed for by anyone:

  • The development software is free, open source software
  • It uses the standard SD media card for storage
  • Programs and data can be easily transferred to it via USB

Open source development

SDKs (software development kits) are freely and easily available for the GP2X allowing anybody with the required skills to write an application or game. Most SDKs are based around a gcc cross-compiler toolchain and SDL. SDL is available for many systems, allowing for cross-compatibility of code with other platforms such as Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux.

A port of the Allegro[9] game programming library is also available for the GP2X, as are ports of the Fenix & BennuGD game toolkits.

Other libraries under development include Minimal Library SDK, which allows for direct hardware access inside the GP2X Linux environment, and sdk2x a set of libraries and a program which allows you to leave Linux completely for total control of all the hardware with no operating system to interfere.

Currently in development is gpu940, a soft 3D renderer that can do many rendering types, including true perspective texture mapping/lighting. It utilizes the ARM940T CPU of the GP2X, and allows for the GP2X to run basic OpenGL functions. In January 2007, the renderer's OpenGL functions allowed for the 3D roleplaying game Egoboo to be ported to the GP2X at a playable speed, and a month later updated with increased speed and added lighting effects.

MMSP2 timers and clocks

  • ACLK=200Mhz
  • PCLK=150Mhz
  • UCLK=66Mhz
  • TIMER0 used for rtems clock (XTAL FREQ)
  • no TIMERx used for time mesurments

How to run linked application

the make-exe rule build a .bin file in the o-optimize directory.

  • You can load this file with the trampoline tools. The trampoline tools is a native linux executable which take 1 parameter.

The tool load the binary image, kills the linux and reset the gp2x, at reset a small code will copy the binary at its running address and start the rtems application

ie: $rtems_trampoline sp01.bin

Test Reports

CVS-HEAD 25 September 2006: User:PhilippeSimons? reports that all tests runs succesfully...

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