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This is start page of Game Boy Advance BSP

Features in GBA BSP:

  • Basic polled console device
    • LCD 60x26(3x5 font), very small fonts but still readable.
    • simple 'getch' keypad/contolpad input
    • simple 'one screen' output
  • Multiboot support in linkcmds
    • can be used to load small (up to 2Mbit ~256Kbyte) programs directly to the GBA EWRAM memory.
    • Iwram support in linkcmds
    • data and bss sections can be located in IWRAM .

How to run Multi-boot programs

You need linker cable(serial/parallel/USB) that support Multi-boot (in this example: Win2000 and EZF-Advance USB-2-GBA Cable):

  • First You have to compile program with MULTIBOOT (MultiBootAndIwramExample?).
  • Connect USB2 cable.
  • Start EZFA_Client.
  • Press GBA Select+Start buttons and turn on GBA power.
  • Select in EZFA_Client 'Load a ROM less...' button.
  • Select program that You have been compiled with MULTIBOOT define.

And thats all, You program should start in GBA as soon as its loaded.

How to Flash programs

There is many different types of Flash-linkers. With EZF-Advance you:

  • First select progrmas that You want to program into flash-card. After that its like in multi-boot case
  • Connect USB2 cable.
  • Start EZFA_Client.
  • Press GBA Select+Start button and turn on GBA power.
  • And select in EZFA_Client 'Burn all...' button.

How to use Keypad

Character input is done with GBA buttons, up-down-left-right/A/B/R/L/Select/Start

  • Select-button accept selected character
  • Start-button read CR (Enter)
  • A-button select 'A' character
  • B-button select 'Z' character
  • R-button select '1' character
  • L-button select '9' character
  • up-button increment character ('A'->'B')
  • down-button decrement character ('B'-'A')
  • left-button change set of character ('!'->'A'->'a')
  • right-button change set of character ('a'->'A'->'!')

More information about GBA tools and software can be found in GameBoyAdvanceBsp? page.

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