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    1 = Gba =
     1= GameBoyAdvance =
     3== GameBoyAdvanceSP information. ==
     7Game Boy Advance SP is a foldable version of the GBA.
     9GBA SP uses the same set of chips as GBAdvance so its fully software compatible with all older GB, SuperGB, GB Pocket, Game Boy Color and Gameboy Advance.
     11GBA SP data:
     12 * CPU:  32-Bit ARM7 CPU with embedded memory
     13 * BIOS ROM 16kByte, IWRAM(in-chip) 32kByte, EWRAM(on-board) 256kByte, Palette RAM 1kByte, VRAM 96kByte and OAM 1kByte
     14 * Cart FlashROM max 32MByte
     15 * Screen: 2.9-inch reflective TFT color LCD
     16 * Resolution: 240x160 pixels (identical to the Game Boy Advance)
     17 * Color: Simultaneously displays more than 32,000 colors (identical to the Game Boy Advance)
     18 * Weight: Approximately 5 ounces
     19 * Power Supply: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
     20 * Battery Life: 10 hours; 18 hours with light function disabled
     22= GAMEBOY Advance and Advance SP BSP =
    424{{Infobox BSP
    6383 * left-button change set of character ('!'->'A'->'a')
    6484 * right-button change set of character ('a'->'A'->'!')
     86== A Tip For Loading A RTEMS Program ==
     88The following is based on a tip that was given by Alan Cudmore on the rtems-users mailing list with some additions and changes made by Micronian:[[BR]]
     89The emulator and real GBA don't use the EXE image, they run a .GBA image. You can use the objcopy command to convert your EXE to a GBA image:[[BR]]
     90       arm-rtems-objcopy -O binary --remove-section=.comment --remove-section=.note --strip-unneeded foo.exe foo.gba[[BR]]
     93# Even if your EXE does not have the .exe extension (e.g. an ELF file called foo), a command similar to the one above can be used.[[BR]]
     94# If you use [ VisualBoyAdvanced], it is important that the final program have the .gba extension, otherwise you will get an "Unknown file type" error.[[BR]]
     96Note2: [[BR]]
     97# And we could include it directly to the Makefile. It's  already a part of BSP's file, so we get both .exe and .gba file from RTEMS example files. [[BR]]
     99= Miscellaneous =
     101Screenshot from real GbaSP
     105Screenshots from VBA-emulator ticker and fileio
     109Patch file for rtems-4.6.2 can be found here:
     111Doxygen GBA BSP Pdf-reference manual can be found here:
     114Here is compiled, ready to run RTEMS ticker example [[BR]]
     115and Multiboot version of Hello example
     117Compiled *.gba(=exe) files can be programmed in Flash or run in GBA(max.256Kbyte) with [wiki:TBR/UserManual/FlashLinker FlashLinker].
     119Or You can use GBA emulators in Windows or Linux. Such as:
     121= TODO list (some nice to have features:) [[BR]]
     122UART compatible serial device [[BR]]
     123MBV2 serial device [[BR]]
     124LCD device [[BR]]
     125better console screen, virtual screen 80x24 [[BR]]
     126GBA BIOS library wrappers [[BR]]
    65131= More information =
    66  *  [wiki:TBR/BSP/GameBoyAdvance GameBoyAdvance]
    67133 *  [wiki:TBR/UserManual/TechnicalInfoForGameBoyAdvance TechnicalInfoForGameBoyAdvance]
    68134 *  [wiki:TBR/UserManual/ToolsForGameBoyAdvance ToolsForGameBoyAdvance]
    70136 *  Software Dev Kits For Game Boy Advance: []
    72 More information about GBA BSP can be found in [wiki:TBR/BSP/GameBoyAdvanceBsp GameBoyAdvanceBsp] page.
    73139= Test Reports =