{{Infobox BSP |BSP_name = EmPower? EP1A |Manufacturer = GE Intelligent Platforms |image = 2111image.jpg |Board_URL = |Architecture = PowerPC / Power Architecture |CPU_model = MPC8245 |Simulator = N/A |Aliases = No |RAM = 64 Megabytes (MB) SDRAM with EDC |Serial = Optional 4 Synchronous Serial Channels |NICs = one. NIC part name. }} <p>GE Intelligent Solutions' EP1A (Embedded PowerPC) is a COTS 6U VME64 board offering cost-effective processing based on the highly integrated MPC8240 or MPC8245, plus four optional sync/async serial lines and an optional MIL-STD-1553 interface for embedded communications and/or control applications. A CompactFlash? site is provided, making the board suitable for remote applications where mission data is required to be inserted or removed in the field. </p> EP1A is ideally suited to medium-level processor performance applications which: <ul> <li>are cost-sensitive </li> <li>require multiple sync/async serial operation and/or 1553</li> <li>are power-consumption sensitive</li> <li>require low parts count for high MTBFs</li> <li>require removable (screw retained) mass storage on-board</li> <li>Radstone BIT & Boot Firmware</li> <li>Software Maintenance Available</li> </ul>

EP1A is available in five ruggedization levels to satisfy the needs of the industrial and defence communities. File:ep1a.gif?



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