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Inital Version


This is an evaluation Board from Analog Devices for the Blackfin 533 CPU. Information can be found here :

This BSP has a Console Driver for a the builtin Uart which supports polling or interrupted mode. It does also have a driver for core clock and timer. The BSP runs in supervisor mode.

The BSP executes on real hardware as well as on the skyeye simulator.

Skyeye Simulator

The Skyeye Simulator supports Timer and UART. The used skyeye configuration file is :


(25 October 2006)To the current CVS version needs the following patch to execute this BSP.


Due to some issues in GCC there is not yet an official RTEMS Toolchain for Blackfin. User who wan't to try this BSP have to build their own Toolchain. The Patches needed can be found in the CVS in contrib/crossrpms/patches.

The following configure parameters combined with the above mentioned patches have lead to a working toolchain.

configure --target=bfin-rtems4.8 --prefix=$PREFIX --without-newlib
configure --target=bfin-rtems4.8 --prefix=$PREFIX --disable-libstdcxx-pch \
      --disable-symvers --disable-libssp --enable-version-specific-runtime-libs \
      --enable-threads=rtems --enable-languages=c,c++

Hardware Debugging

During devolping of this BSP the Icebear JTAG adaptor has proved to be very helpful.


  • Proper support for Data and Instruction Cache
  • Filesystem support for the on-board flash
  • GDB Stub for debugging via Serial Port

Test Reports

CVS head -- (25 October 2006) Alain Schäfer reports sucessful execution of Hello, Ticker, Paranoia and other tests on the Hardware as well as on Skyeye