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{{Infobox BSP |BSP_name = csb637 |Manufacturer = Cogent Computer Systems, Inc. |image = ADSP BF537 STAMP color dark.jpg |caption = optional image caption |Board_URL = |Architecture = ARM9 - arm920t |CPU_model = Atmel AT91RM9200 |Monitor = Micromonitor - uMon |Simulator = No |Aliases = No |RAM = 64Mbyte 32-Bit SDRAM (external) |NVMEM = 8Mbyte 16-Bit StrataFLASH |Serial = 4 general purpose (Driver), 1 debug (Driver) |NICs = 1 integrated 10/100 Ethernet |Other = - }}


This is the BSP for OEM Single Board Computer csb637 from Cogent Computer Systems, Inc. This BSP is a variation of csb337 BSP which includes the following slight but important hardware and software differences:

  • External memory CSB337: 16MB SDRAM CSB637: 64MB SDRAM
  • Video buffer: CSB337: 1MB CSB637: 8MB
  • Video driver: CSB337: S1D13706 CSB637: S1D13506
  • PHY Layer: CSB337: LXT971ALC CSB637: BCM5221
  • RTEMS Driver for 4 USARTs in polled mode
  • RTEMS Driver for LCD and console mirror
  • RTEMS Driver for uMon
  • ?? Some GPIO or interrupts moved arround.

The csb637 BSP was developed and tested using the KIT637 V6 Development Kit from Cogent. This Development Kit is composed by the CSB637 Single Board Computer, the CSB937 Main Board for the Target, Optrex LCD (T-51750AA, 640x480), LCD Inverter(xx) and Touchscreen (not supported in this BSP). The IDE and USB (host and device) interfaces are also not supported. The SD and Compact Flash card drivers are still under development. This BSP were added in the RTEMS 4.10 version.

Cogent CSB637 product page is

Atmel AT91RM9200 product page is

uMon page is

Board Setup

The KIT637 V6 Development Board uses TFTP to download RTEMS executables. The initial setup is the configuration of the Board IP. It can be made through the Kit serial debug port connected to a PC and using a terminal window. This configuration is described in the uMon manual and summarized as follows:

set IPADD --> is the IP to set for KIT637 V6 Kit set -f netcfg tfs cp netcfg monrc

Downloading and Executing

To download RTEMS executables in the KIT637 V6 Development Board using TFTP firstly the [rtems_executable_file.exe] must be transformed from .exe to .bin. Run the following command in the environment where RTEMS is installed and in the PATH where the [rtems_executable_file.exe] is stored:

arm-rtems4.10-objcopy -O binary [rtems_executable_file.exe] [rtems_binary_file.bin]

After the change to [rtems_binary_file.bin] run the following commands in the terminal window:

tftp get /PATH/[rtems_binary_file].bin 0x20100000 --> is the IP set --> PATH is the complete path of the TFTPServer where the file [rtems_binary_file.bin] is stored call 0x20100000

The execution should start from the external SDRAM (0x20100000 address).


Debugging is done by comparing the [rtems_executable_file.exe] with source through the objdump command:

arm-rtems4.10-objdump -da --source [rtems_executable_file.exe] > [rtems_dump_file_name]

Hardware emulators and GDB were not used and tested.

Test Reports

Fernando G. Nicodemos tested in Dec-11-09: 1) USART drivers were tested in polled mode in transmit and receive 2) NIC driver were tested with network_demo RTEMS example


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