{{Infobox BSP |BSP_name = CSB360 |Manufacturer = Motorola |image = Csb360topview.png |caption = CSB360 Top View |Board_URL = |Architecture = Motorola MXF5272 ColdFire? |CPU_model = MCF5272 |Monitor = uMon |Simulator = Yes. SkyEye? |Aliases = No |RAM = 32 MB |NVMEM = 8 MB Flash |Serial = RS232 x 2, QSPI x 1 |NICs = On-Chip 10/100 Mbit Controller with DMA }}


At the heart of the ''CSB360'' lies the Motorola Coldfire MCF5272 Microprocessor. The Coldfire Version 2 core provides excellent performance with low power consumption. This ability, combined with the on-chip 10/100 Ethernet, QSPI and USB ports allows the MCF5272 to form the basis of low-cost, high performance products for industrial automation, telematics, medical applications and many others.


The MCF5272 Address and Data Bus as well as all GPIO are made available via .1" Stacking Headers. These headers are on.1" centers for easy mating with standard prototyping boards. All this, plus the SD Card, Dual CAN and Color/BW LCD Controller, make the CSB360 ideal for a wide variety of product design and development tasks.


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|Feature |CSB360 - Motorola MXF5272 ColdFire? Architecture

|Core |66Mhz ColdFire? Version 2, 4KB On Chip SRAM

|SDRAM |32Mbyte 32-Bit Wide SDRAM

|FLASH |8Mbyte 16-Bit Wide StrataFLASH

|NAND FLASH |Secure Digital Card via QSPI Port

|LCD Controller |Epson S1D13706 with 80KByte SRAM supports up to 320x240 TFT, HR-TFT and STN Displays

|Serial |RS232 x 2, QSPI x 1

|CAN |Infineon SAK82C900 Dual CAN Controller via QSPI

|USB |Version 1.1 Device Port

|Ethernet |On-Chip 10/100 Mbit Controller with DMA

|Real Time Clock |Dallas DS1307 or DS1338 With Battery

|Bus Expansion |Full CPU Bus and GPIO available via 40-Pin stackable headers

|JTAG |26-Pin Header ( Abatron BDI2000 and Macraigor OCDemon compatible)

|LED's |3 User Driven GPIO brought to Expansion Header

|Switches |3 User Readable GPIO from Expansion Header

|Power |5V Only Connection

|Boot Monitor |Micromonitor |}

Test Reports

Reported to run on SkyEye? CVS October 2007 ( See Skyeye MCF5272? entry for details.


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