{{Infobox BSP |BSP_name = Csb350 |Manufacturer = Cogent |image = Csb250.png |caption = Csb350 board |Board_URL = |Architecture = MIPS |CPU_model = Au1100/Au1500T |Monitor = uBoot, uMon |Simulator = N/A |Aliases = No |RAM = 32Mbyte 32-Bit Wide SDRAM |NVMEM = 8/32 MB Flash |Serial = 2 x RS-232 UARTs |NICs = 10/100 Mbit Controller OR Dual Internal 10/100 via AM79C874 PHY's |Other = 3 Pushbutton Switches and one 4 Position DIP Switch readable via GPIO }}


CSB350 low Cost OEM Board features 400Mhz Au1100, Au1 Core with Integrated 10/100 Ethernet, LCD Controller, Serial I/O (x3), 4-Bit SDIO, USB Device and USB Host. Additional board features are Battery-Backed RTC, 10/100 Ethernet, Dual CAN and SD/MMC Socket.

The CSB250 Single Board Computer is an inexpensive OEM Board that features the 400Mhz Au1500, Au1 Core with Integrated 10/100 Ethernet (x2), Serial I/O (x2), PCI, USB Device and USB Host. Additional board features include, 64MB SDRAM, 32MB Flash, 800x600 LCD/CRT Interface via S1D13506, Battery Backed RTC and PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse Ports.

Board Setup

If there are special jumper or ROM monitor settings, describe them.

Downloading and Executing

Describe the download procedure.


Debugger Startup/Configuration? Files

Recovering uMon

You may need to recover your MicroMonitor image (due to Flash corruption) or if your board stops booting due to problems in the TFS (~TinyFileSystem?) of uMon. One technique is to configure a uMon to run from RAM, use an emulator to load it to the CSB350, then run it and perform maintenance to the boot filesystem, etc.

See ( for instructions

  • now use these files to recover your CSB350 uMon image.

Additional information on MicroMonitor as well as the source code can be obtained from ( Pre-Built uMon With TFSAUTOBOOTABORTABLE Enabled A link to a pre-built uMon for the CSB350 with TFSAUTOBOOTABORTABLE as per MicroMonitor sec. 13.7.1. can be obtained here: --BogdanVacaliuc?

Test Reports

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A weblog of trials and tribulations of CSB350 development can be found here: --BogdanVacaliuc?


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