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{{Infobox BSP |BSP_name = CSB337 |Manufacturer = Cogent Computer Systems |image = Csb337.jpg |Board_URL = |Architecture = ARM |CPU_model = ARM920T |Monitor = uBoot, uMon |Simulator = No |Aliases = CSB336, CSB337, EDB7312, GBA, GP32, NDS, RTL22x, RTL22xx_t, SMDK2410 |RAM = 32Mbyte 32-Bit Wide SDRAM |NVMEM = 32 MB Flash, 16 KB EEPROM |Serial = RS232 x 2, Master/Slave? SPI x 1 - Two additional UARTS (TTL only) available via the GPIO Expansion Connector |Other = Based on the Atmel AT91RM9200 ARM920T system-on-chip (SOC) }}

Product Page is

Board Setup

If there are special jumper or ROM monitor settings, describe them.

Downloading and Executing

Describe the download procedure.


How do you debug code on this board? What gdb setup? BDM, stub, etc?

Skyeye Configuration

The Skyeye? configuration file should be as follows:

cpu:  arm920t
mach: at91rm92
mem_bank: map=M, type=RW, addr=0x00000000, size=0x00004000
mem_bank: map=M, type=R, addr=0x00100000, size=0x00010000
mem_bank: map=M, type=RW, addr=0x00200000,size=0x00100000
mem_bank: map=M, type=RW, addr=0x20000000,size=0x00f00000
mem_bank: map=I, type=RW, addr=0xfffa0000, size=0x00060000

Test Reports

RTEMS BSP csb337 will run hello.exe and ticker.exe on Skyeye using the patch posted to the RTEMS Users Mailing list (