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{{Infobox BSP |BSP_name = csb336 |Manufacturer = Cogent |image = |caption = optional image caption |Board_URL = |Architecture = ARM |CPU_model = FreeScale? M9328 i.MXL/i.MX1 |Monitor = uBoot, uMon |Simulator = No |Aliases = No |RAM = 32 MB |NVMEM = 8 MB Flash, 16 KB EEPROM |Serial = two/three i.MX UARTs. |NICs = LAN91C113/DM9000 |Other = USB, SPI, LCD, MMC/SD }}

Product Page is

The same BSP has been reused for PiMX1 board designed independently by PiKRON Ltd. The hardware design is probably considerably different from CSB336 (we have not seen its schematics) but software enviroment is similar. The complete board description can be found at PiKRON's respective pages

This board is used in Technic I syringe pump's produced by AMV Technics.

Test Reports

4.6 Branch (2006-2007 years) Runs reliably on PiMX1 board and is utilized in actual Technic I product version. We expect to move to 4.7 version branch for production and test 4.8 branch for experiments and future products. Pavel Pisa?

4.7 Branch

4.7.1 (August 17 2007) Builds and application runs (Microwindows, IMFS, timers, user logic etc.). There is some problem with hard stuck im MMC/SD driver if card is present, but it is most probably unrelated to RTEMS core system. Pavel Pisa?

gcc-4.1.2 + gcc-core-4.1.2-rtems4.8-20070405.diff binutils + binutils-2.17-rtems4.8-20061021.diff newlib-1.15.0 + newlib-1.15.0-rtems4.8-20070413.diff microwindows-060623 (actual CVS HEAD) snapshot + bunch of target specific patches rtems-4.7.1 + patches for other boards + minimal tweaks in CSB336 to map SRAM and remap console to UART3 if IrDA is used

All patches can be found in provided archive Tools are patched for RTEMS-4.8.x to prepare for future testing. Two or three function prototypes has to be updated in the RTEMS sources to build with these tools.

4.9 Branch

4.9.3 (December 1 2009) Builds and application runs (full Microwindows, IMFS, timers, user logic, MMC/SD etc.). GIT repository containing PiMX1 specific patches, RTEMS OMK application template and tools build configs can be found at RTIME CTU server [[User:PavelPisa| Pavel Pisa]]