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Oct 14, 2013, 5:30:12 PM (6 years ago)
Pavel Pisa

Report CSB336 working status on PiMX1 for RTEMS 4.10.x and actual development version.


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    5353GIT repository containing PiMX1 specific patches, RTEMS OMK[] application template
    5454and tools build configs can be found at RTIME CTU server[].
    55 [[User:PavelPisa| Pavel Pisa]]
     55[wiki:User:PavelPisa  Pavel Pisa]
     56= 4.10 Branch =
     594.10.2+updates (October 2013) The BSP has been tested on PiMX1 board with MX1 CPU and updated simplified version with MXS CPU version. The corrections of IRQ handling and updated memory map setup to cover all MX1, MXL and MXS CPUs with write-through region setup for DRAM located framebuffer has been contribited back to the RTEMS mainline. Corrections of the problems introduced in development RTEMS version (4.10.99) are integrated to the RTEMS mainline as well. Driver for SD-card connected over SSI in SPI mode has been developed at PiKRON to overcome lack of SDHC controller on MXS. The driver does not conform to the required style for integration into mainline. If somebody has interest to use it, we will be happy to provide it and help with integration.