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Add a warning that MOTLoad's network interfaces must be "netShut" down before RTEMS boots, lest memory corruption result


The MVME6100 is an Emerson (formerly Motorola) VMEBus board. This board is very similar to the MVME5500. The beatnik BSP is documented in it's README file. <!-- When filling in the box,

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{{Infobox BSP |BSP_name = MVME6100 |Manufacturer = Motorola |image = MVME6100.png |caption = MVME6100 |Board_URL = EMERSON |Architecture = PowerPC® |CPU_model = MPC7457 PowerPC® |Monitor = MotLoad? |Simulator = Yes. Skyeye |Aliases = |RAM = Up to 1GB of on-board DDR ECC memory |NVMEM = 128MB of Flash memory in two 64MB banks |Serial = Two TL16C550C UARTs |NICs = }}


The promise of the VME Renaissance is innovation, performance and investment protection. The MVME6100 series from Motorola delivers on this promise. The innovative design of the MVME6100 provides a high performance platform that allows customers to leverage their investment in their VME infrastructure. Customers looking for a "technology refresh" for their application, while maintaining backwards compatibility with their existing VMEbus infrastructure, can upgrade to the MVME6100 series and take advantage of its enhanced performance features. The MVME6100 series is designed to meet the needs of OEMs servicing the defense and aerospace, industrial automation and medical imaging market segments.

Usage Notes

WARNING: It is extremely important that a MOTLoad "waitProbe", "netShut" sequence be executed before booting RTEMS. Otherwise, network interface interrupt handlers installed by MOTLoad may cause memory corruption