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Currently under construction, please come back in a few days...

Board Setup


Downloading and Executing

1. clone and build qemu-maemo:

git clone git:// cd qemu ./configure --target-list="arm-softmmu" make

2. clone and build rtems from my fork:

git clone git:// mkdir rtems-b cd rtems ./bootstrap cd ../rtems-b ../rtems/configure --target=arm-rtemseabi4.11 --disable-posix --disable-networking --disable-cxx --enable-rtems-debug --enable-rtemsbsp=beagle --prefix=PUT_YOUR_PREFIX_HERE make make install

3. clone my tools repository:

git clone git://

find the test.c file in the cloned repository and copy it to the examples hello/hello_world_c folder

4. build the hello_world example

5. download the x-loader and uboot images


6. build the nand flash image

The script to do that is in the tools repo, the name is:


How do you debug code on this board? What gdb setup? BDM, stub, etc?

=Test Reports=

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