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This BSP includes work done for other BSPs written by EricNorum?, DPeterSiddons, TillStraumann?, BrettSwimley?, and JayMonkman?. It is based heavily on the uC5282 BSP.

The Avnet MCF5282 ColdFire? is an evaluation board that is based on the Coldfire MCF5282 32-bit processor. The board includes 16 Mbytes of SDRAM, 8 Mbytes of flash, the MCF5282 processor with a core frequency of about 58MHz, 10/100 Ethernet support, and a CAN interface.

Test Results

CVS HEAD (August 20 2005) using gcc-3.4.3, binutils-2.15, and newlib-1.12.0: Tested successfully the hello world, ticker, the goAhead webserver sample applications, and all timing tests.