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    120120  * Understand the code of the Rate-Monotonic Scheduling code and begin implementing a version of the Rate-Monotonic scheduler which uses fault tolerance techniques.
     123* August 30
     124 * What was done:
     125  * I edited the rate monotonic scheduler such that it calls the fault tolerant scheduler every time a new period is released. After adapting SRE and SDR (the two static pattern-based fault tolerant techniques) for this new design, I ran tests with the two techniques. To get SDR working I had to find a way to detect the faults with the fault model I have. For this I looked at message passing in rtems, but in the end I decided that calling a function which takes care of error correction is a method that works well already.
     126 * Plans for the next week:
     127  * Next week I will focus on implementing the dynamic fault tolerant techniques. After this I will work on the details, e.g, cleaning code, adding comments, working on documentation, and making the access to the FTS easier for the users.
    122129= Final Report (RTEMS Fault Tolerance) =
    123130* /