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ESA Summer of Code in Space 2015 Final Report

This summer the RTEMS Project had 2 excellent students participate in the ESA Summer of Code in Space Program (SOCIS).

In the following sections, each student has summarized their individual projects.

Hermann Felbinger: Improve Code Coverage Analysis Meeting Aviation and Automotive Standards

Saeed Ehteshamifar: RTEMS Fault tolerance

Before this SOCIS, this project was uninitiated and had the goal of getting a fault injection tool to work with RTEMS. During this SOCIS, 3 tools were introduced to fulfill this goal:

  1. GRINDER: An open-source tool to automate test campaign execution and storing results.
  2. Slingshot: An open-source tool to generate data type-based faults for POSIX API.
  3. R: A tool to analyze results, gather statistics, extract meaningful assertions, graphs, etc.

Of these 3, the first two tools were successfully adapted to RTEMS. Furthremore, CRASH failure model was proposed based on CMU's Ballista project. More specifically, more than 40 POSIX functions with more than 1300 test cases were tested using Slingshot. Results showed that 70 test cases failed which accounted for 4 functions: free, tanh, time, and times.

Documentation of the work in progress can be found in the blog and final report for this project which contains future works can be found here. Just to mention the next steps briefly, the followings can be listed:

  1. Integrate GRINDER’s function into Slingshot. Automate the whole procedure, plus adding an analysis tool to the chain.
  2. Test more RTEMS POSIX implementations.
  3. Add support for RTEMS Classic API.