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    55The checklist table tracks which BSPs have been checked and what is working. Please edit the table with a BSP once you have completed one of the required items.
     7== Checklist Columns ==
     9The columns are items we can check for a BSP. It is not a requirement we have all columns for all BSPs are checked however the more we check the better we understand the state of RTEMS.
     11=== Columns ===
     13* Build Test
     14  The kernel and testuite build with the default options.
     16* Legacy Stack
     17  The kernel, testsuite and legacy stack builds.
     19* LibBSD
     20  LibBSD builds with the installed BSP.
     22* Testsuite Run
     23  The testsuite has published test results and there are no regressions compared to the `autotools` build of the tests.
     25* Examples
     26  The examples builds with the install BSP
     28* RSB
     29  The RSB build of the BSP passes
     31=== Column Values ===
     33Enter into the columns:
     35* `PASS`
     36  The BSP passes this check
     38* `FAIL`
     39  The BSP fails the check. Optionally add a ticket number if one has been raised.
     41* `n/a`
     42  The check is not applicable to the BSP
     44You can also enter text into the column but keep it brief. Please do not enter detail about failure, please create a ticket if you need to capture specific details.
    746== arm (families:21 bsps:57)==