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Add RTEM 6.1 milestone

6.1 (open)


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fcntl() fails to put a non-blocking socket into blocking mode
libcpu/shared is not helpful
Add rtems_shell_main_monitor to cpukit/libmisc/shell/shell.h?
RTEMS Sequenced Initialization API
Add LWIP Support to RTEMS
Patch for RTEMS-BSP m68k/mcf5225x
_ISR_Nest_level should be protected with interrupts disabled in function _Watchdog_Insert
sptests/sp36: Improper buildsystem integration
The object-file suffixes for default-bsp-post-link in leaf.cfg don't work with make-exe...
AVR needs avr-libc to compile RTEMS.
statvfs for MS-DOS filesystem and 'df' coomand for shell
Duplicate code for TAR support
x86 Context Switch Synchronization and SMP
Error building RTEMS Source Builder recipe for libxml
Remove support for 16-bit object identifiers
Use bibtex references thoughout the documentation
Load rap files failure with zeroed sections
Remove obsolete rtems_gxx_*() implementation
RSB does not report --rsb-file for patches correctly.
Make the IRQ extensions API a standard API
RSB removed used tools configuration files.
Improve console driver documentation
Remove Makefiles from rtems-examples?
Deprecate/obsolete rtems_io_lookup_name
Add support for CPU counter timestamps
Remove rtems_disk_create_phys(), etc.
Add a separate system initialization handler set for secondary processors
Reduce uses of rtems_event_transient_send()
Remove powerpc/virtex BSP
Remove checks for Newlib features introduced during the RTEMS 5 development
Remove dedicated support for boundary constraint in heap allocator
Remove types which are only available if RTEMS_DEPRECATED_TYPES is defined
Remove deprecated proc_ptr definition
Remove deprecated rtems_context
Remove deprecated rtems_context_fp
Remove deprecated region_information_block
Remove deprecated rtems_thread_cpu_usage_t
Remove deprecated rtems_rate_monotonic_period_time_t
Remove m32c architecture port from upstream tools
Convert Tools_Used Wiki page into Support Tools Selection with Criteria
rtems-test needs a --version option or similar
bdbuf: Replace automatic read-ahead with rtems_bdbuf_peek()
libdl failure on many PowerPC BSPs
Add rtems_rate_monotonic_deadline()
RTEMS Pre-Qualification (ECSS) for SMP
Space profile for RTEMS SMP
Technical Specification (TS) for space profile
Review and update Doxygen recommendations
Software Design Document (SDD) for space profile
Create a hierarchy of RTEMS software components using Doxygen groups
Assign each code file to a Doxygen group
Add Requirements Engineering chapter to RTEMS Software Engineering Handbook
Unit, integration and validation tests for space profile
Add test guidelines chapter to RTEMS Software Engineering Handbook
Add support for test plans
Update libcrypt to latest FreeBSD to address Coverity Scan Issues
Select a requirements engineering tool
Add extra variables to
Libld does not load incrementially linked object file
Strong APA Scheduler Undocumented
Should all PPC BSPs build with -mstrict-align?
New build system
Consider FAA AC 20-148 - Reusable Software Components in RTEMS Software Engineering manual
Switch over to new build system
Build system does not track the dependencies of start.o files
Test programs are not re-linked if a start.o or linker command file changes
Add and use project-wide glossary to documentation
Add support for GCC 10 noinit attribute
rtems06: All BSPs Fail to build with BSP Builder on rtems 6
Fail an RSB build with --mail option if a repo is not clean
Test needed for timer_create with CLOCK_MONOTONIC
Test needed for clock_nanosleep with CLOCK_MONOTONIC
Dhcpcd does not daemonize
Add BSP for STM32H7
Import zstd compression/decompression library
Add traceability information to the application configuration options
Test the application configuration options
Optimize work area initialization
Support device file system in console drivers
Document use of virtualenv
Remove use of RTEMS_INLINE_ROUTINE in the RTEMS sources
Move content of bsp_specs to GCC
sparc64: _CPU_ISR_Disable seems broken
Unstable GCc is built with #define CHECKING_P 0
Remove epiphany architecture support
multiple definition of `pci_indirect_functions'
capture-support: Dead Code (CID #1461469 \)
Remove obsolete powerpc BSPs
Add rtems_task_build()
Licensing Requirements for Submissions Poorly Documented
Add build specification item verification
Add unexplained-failure as option for Test Configuration Files
Move _RTEMS_version to implementation header file
Remove deprecated <rtems/system.h>
Remove _Copyright_Notice from API header file
Test failures on BSPs with sbrk() support
Remove deprecated rtems_extension
Remove deprecated rtems_get_current_processor()
Remove deprecated rtems_get_processor_count()
Remove deprecated Thread typedef
Specify the RTEMS Classic API
Generate Doxygen markup for the application configuration options
fenv support is missing on powerpc
fenv support is missing on sparc
fenv support is missing on arm
Unexpected test failures on arm/beagleboneblack
Unexpected test failures the arm/xilinx-zynq BSPs
Zynq-7000 BSP: Support using OCM as cacheable memory
Add support for sigaction SA_RESETHAND
Add rtems_message_queue_build()
libcpusupport: Architecture defines are present outside CPU port
Potential issue with SMP EDF scheduler and priority inheritance
Change all version numbers to RTEMS 6 on the master branches
Build GNU sed if not installed when building gcc
NFS Client is broken on 64-bit targets


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#1318 12 years ago wontfix bsps Ralf Corsepius Joel Sherrill 3 years ago

libcpu/shared is not helpful


IMO, libcpu/shared is not helpful

Either something is

  • cpu-specific, then it should go into cpukit/score/cpu,
  • general, then in should go into cpukit/
  • bsp-dependent, then it should go into libbsp.

I would strongly suggest to reconsider libcpu/shared.

#1593 10 years ago wontfix score zhangwenjie Joel Sherrill 3 years ago

RTEMS Sequenced Initialization API


This is a part of GSOC2010 project RTEMS Sequenced Initialization. The attachment is the implement of RTEMS Sequenced Initialization API. More details are placed on the wiki

#1728 10 years ago invalid bsps Marcello Presulli Joel Sherrill 3 years ago

Patch for RTEMS-BSP m68k/mcf5225x


This patch is based on a "clean" RTEMS 4.9.4 and offers some modifications/enhancements for the BSP.

  • Generic Exception Handler can be used instead of _uhoh
  • Flash Driver for the onboard flash including flash security
  • DMA initializations can be used to substitute the whole termios, so we saved alot of code/memory size
  • Bugfixes in fec for the lwip-port, the fec driver works now "optimized" with the lwip-port
  • RTC driver routines which configures the RTC clock and time
  • generic software trap handler capable of return values
  • Bugfix in "old" bsp with MASKALL_BIT when use RTEMS without console
  • bugfixes and extensions in bsp header file "mcf5225x.h"
  • generic dbg_printk() which prints debug outputs directly via a dma channel

I hope someone have the time to merge it into the CVS head, it shouldn't be a real task i think.

#1815 9 years ago invalid score Helder Silva Joel Sherrill 3 years ago

_ISR_Nest_level should be protected with interrupts disabled in function _Watchdog_Insert


_ISR_Nest_level should be protected with interrupts disabled in function _Watchdog_Insert, because another interrupt can occur after _ISR_Nest_level is saved, causing inconsistency in the global variable.

#1820 9 years ago wontfix unspecified Ralf Corsepius Joel Sherrill 3 years ago

sptests/sp36: Improper buildsystem integration


sptests/sp36 is improperly integrated into the rtems buildsystem.

sp36 is missing from SUBDIRS in sptests/, but is referenced in sptests/, as well as the code is present in sp36/

sp36/ either should be activated (== added to SUBDIRS) or be fully removed.

#2071 8 years ago wontfix build cynt6007 Ralf Corsepius 3 years ago

The object-file suffixes for default-bsp-post-link in leaf.cfg don't work with make-exe...


Would it be proper to change the suffix of the input in default-bsp-post-link in rtems/make/leaf.cfg ?

Namely changing:

define default-bsp-post-link

  • $(NM) -g -n $@ > $(basename $@).num
  • $(SIZE) $@


define default-bsp-post-link + $(NM) -g -n $@.o > $(basename $@).num + $(SIZE) $@.o endef

I'm working on the application side of RTEMS (as opposed to the source), but here are the errors I encountered, what I did to find the problem, and the results.

I kept getting errors when I ran the BuildTests?.sh...

~/rtems-addon-packages/examples/openldap$ ... i386-rtems4.11-nm o-optimize/slapd-addel i386-rtems4.11-nm: 'o-optimize/slapd-addel': No such file ... ~/rtems-addon-packages/examples/openldap$ ... i386-rtems4.11-size o-optimize/slapd-addel i386-rtems4.11-size: 'o-optimize/slapd-addel': No such file

After looking at the Makefile it looks like they were called by: “make-exe”.


grep -r “make-exe” /opt

revealed “make-exe” is defined in /opt/rtems-4.11/make/leaf.cfg, which calls bsp-post-link, (which is exactly the stage of the build process giving errors).

According to man, nm and size work on object files. So, I changed the suffixes in /opt/rtems-4.11/make/leaf.cfg and the errors went away. After making the change, the following additional objects appeared in o-optimize:

*.bin and *.ralf, with an approximate size of 570,000. The sizes vary slightly...

If changing the suffixes in /opt/rtems-4.11/make/leaf.cfg makes sense, would it make sense to change them for rtems/make/leaf.cfg ? Also, there are other target.cfg's in the different bsp s that may have similar problems.

Thanks, Cynthia Rempel

#2111 7 years ago config cynt6007 Joel Sherrill 3 years ago

AVR needs avr-libc to compile RTEMS.


The avr io.h header gives a warning that if not doing avr-libc, that if not heeded leads to many errors.

Need an avr-libc configuration file... should be a place-holding stub that states this is a problematic build.

Anyway, these are just some cans of worms... FYI

AVR has issues so deep it requires ~50 patches for binutils, ~60 patches for gcc, and has ~14 patches for avr-libc.

I suspect getting ONE functional AVR-RTEMS a major undertaking... I wonder if it might be worth exploring using ATMEL's prepatched toolchain for non-Ada builds... For Ada-builds, that's going to be another major undertaking...

Eric Weddington (at ATMEL) is recommending the use of their source for C, C++ builds...

Although the Rolf Ebert (at AVR-Ada) have their own patch-set (using different tool versions) etc, which is making updating the AVR port so challenging...

Their source-builder is located at: avr-ada/tools/build/

#2114 7 years ago invalid fs nopscmn Chris Johns 3 years ago

statvfs for MS-DOS filesystem and 'df' coomand for shell


I need statvfs for MS-DOS filesystem in my project. Share implementation and example shell command 'df' - like in GNU coreutils, but very simplified.

#2215 6 years ago duplicate fs Sebastian Huber 3 years ago

Duplicate code for TAR support


We have similar code in rtems_tarfs_load(), Untar_FromMemory() and Untar_FromFile(). These functions should instead use a common TAR archive iterator with specific visitor functions.

#2269 5 years ago duplicate score Joel Sherrill 3 years ago

x86 Context Switch Synchronization and SMP


The x86 context switch code does not implement the "is executing" hand-off protocol used on the other ports. It should.

#3941 3 months ago fixed arch/epiphany Sebastian Huber Hesham Almatary 6 days ago

Remove epiphany architecture support


I tried to build the epiphany BSP with GCC 10 recently and a lot internal compiler errors appeared. If it is not possible to build the BSP with a released GCC 10.1, then I suggest to remove this architecture. The GDB was never supported by the FSF upstream. To me this looks like an unmaintained architecture.

#3962 3 months ago fixed doc Joel Sherrill Gedare Bloom 2 months ago

Licensing Requirements for Submissions Poorly Documented


The discussion of licensing for code/docs in RTEMS is a bit of a mess right now. After posting this issue to the mailing list (, Sebastian pointed out where the actual recommended text for code/docs was located.

SW Engineering Guide sections (Licenses) and 11 (Licensing Requirements) are somewhat overlapping and duplicative. In addition, Gedare's old blog is still a decent discussion of the underlying issues and goals even though we have moved to BSD-2 and Creative Commons for documentation since he wrote that in 2013.

The above references just describe the rationale and cite the licenses. For an example of what to put in the code, you have to visit

I THINK a good solution would be to reference the Chapter 11 Licensing Requirements from the Coding Conventions chapter. And incorporate an updated version of Gedare's blog text.

#4018 2 weeks ago fixed admin Kinsey Moore Kinsey Moore <kinsey.moore@…> 13 days ago

libcpusupport: Architecture defines are present outside CPU port


The handler code for global constructors (threadhandler.c) and destructors (newlibc_exit.c) uses compiler-provided architecture defines which should be limited to the CPU port as they are in other locations.