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/* RTEMS Improvements */ More information on confdefs.h changes. More structure.


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    2828The latest patch for each tools is in rtems/contrib/crossrpms/patches.
    2929= RTEMS Improvements =
     30= API Improvements =
    31  *  API Improvements
    3232  *  Added readv() and writev().  Implemented by [wiki:TBR/User/JoelSherrill JoelSherrill]
    3333  *  Added rtems_task_self().  Implemented by [wiki:TBR/User/JoelSherrill JoelSherrill]
    5050   *  Renamed rtems_get_index() to rtems_object_id_get_index()
    53  *  telnetd overhaul submitted by Till Straumann.
    55  *  Flash filesystem support from [wiki:ChrisJohns ChrisJohns]
    5752 *  The region directives were restructured in order to produce simpler assembly code and allow for complete test coverage.  Changes included:
    5853  *  move the OBJECTS_LOCAL case to the top of the switch statement,
    6459  *  OBJECT_REMOTE is now defined only in multiprocessor configuration.  Having this constant led to the generation of code which could not be reached in single processor configurations.
    6560  *  More files with multiple methods were split including the Malloc Family, POSIX timers, and many of the POSIX stubs for routines RTEMS does not support.
     61  *  When a set of initialization tasks or threads is not configured for a particular API, those task/thread creation routines are no longer required in the minimum executable.  For examnple, in 4.8 and older, the code to create POSIX initialization threads was always present when POSIX was enabled and thus pthread_create() was included in the executable.
     62= Configuration Changes =
    6764 *  Addition of configure constants in confdefs.h:
     65 *  CONFIGURE_MALLOC_DIRTY - enable dirtying of memory returned by malloc().
     66  *  CONFIGURE_MALLOC_STATISTICS - enable more detailed statistics gathering.
     67  *  CONFIGURE_ZERO_WORKSPACE_AUTOMATICALLY - By default, RTEMS does not zero the RTEMS Work Space or C Program Heap.  The BSP can change the default to zeroing this memory.  Further even if the BSP does not require this zeroing, the application can use this constant to specify that it requires it.
     68  *  CONFIGURE_MALLOC_BSP_SUPPORTS_SBRK - defined by BSP which wants to be able to extend the C Program Heap at run-time.
     69  *  CONFIGURE_TASK_STACK_ALLOCATOR and CONFIGURE_TASK_STACK_DEALLOCATOR - allow the application to define their own task stack allocation routines.
    7071 *  Addition of network stack configuration parameters to control default buffer sizes for sockets.  This addresses the issue that was described in in which the default socket buffer tend to be large in comparison to the amount of memory users configure for mbufs.  This leads to a starvation and TCP/IP "freeze".  This scenario can be created with just a handful of sockets and fairly light traffic and is worsened by use of UDP sockets which default to larger buffering than TCP sockets.  See the Network Supplement for more details on each of the following parameters:
    7475  *  tcp_tx_buf_size - default size of transmit buffers for TCP sockets
    7576  *  tcp_rx_buf_size - default size of receive buffers for TCP sockets
     77= General =
     80 *  telnetd overhaul submitted by Till Straumann.
     82 *  Flash filesystem support from [wiki:ChrisJohns ChrisJohns]
    7884 *  Promotion of libmisc components to "first class citizens". This involves changing the name of routines to reflect RTEMS naming standards, adding documentation to the Users Guide and where appropriate integrating them more tightly with the RTEMS SuperCore or API implementations.
    8793   *  wkspace
    8894   *  XXX
     95= BSPs and Device Drivers =
    9098 *  New BSPs
    96104 *  Removal of obsoleted BSPs
    97105  *  TBD
     106= Test Suites =
    99  *  New Tests
    101 In addition to adding new tests to the psxtests and sptests for new functionality, existing tests were enhanced and new tests added to improve coverage.
     109 *  In addition to adding new tests to the psxtests and sptests for new functionality, existing tests were enhanced and new tests added to improve coverage.
    103111  *  psxrdwrv (POSIX readv/writev) added to psxtests by [wiki:TBR/User/JoelSherrill JoelSherrill]