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Mar 4, 2010, 11:55:46 AM (10 years ago)

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    154154 *  Updated bdbuf file system cache by [wiki:ChrisJohns ChrisJohns]. The new code does not disable pre-emption in the cache code or in the standard drivers in RTEMS such as the ATA driver. The updated code added configuration parameters to confdefs.h to change the number of read ahead buffers and the number of write buffers. The swap out task has a configurable sample period and modified buffers to be written have a configurable hold time before being committed to disk. The code has been tested on a mvf5235 with the RAM, FLASH and NV disks and on the PC with the ATA, RAM and NV disks.
    155155  *  <b>Warning</b> There are API changes in libblock. The code has had the interfaces moved to under rtems_*. Drivers need to be updated. Another warning is buffers are <b>not continuous</b> when writing by default unless the driver adds a new <tt>ioctl</tt> call. See the ATA driver in libchip for an example. The buffers each have a block number and that should be used if not requiring continuous buffers.
    157  *  The IMFS now has a correctly working rename call. It did not handle the rename of a directory that was not empty. The MSDOS file system has a working rename that does not use the link hack.
    158156= BSPs and Device Drivers =