Changes between Version 14 and Version 15 of Release/4.11

May 28, 2015, 9:46:53 AM (4 years ago)
Sebastian Huber



  • Release/4.11

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    4040 *  Score Chain API changed due to strict aliasing concerns.  In case you have a compiler error related to RTEMS chains, you should use the appropriate API function and do not access chain control members directly.
    4141 *  The loopback interface of the network stack will be initialized now during the normal initialization via rtems_bsdnet_initialize_network().  The loop back interface configurations are now obsolete and must be removed.  You will notices this if you encounter a linker error of undefined references to rtems_bsdnet_loopattach().
    42  *  rtems_initialize_start_multitasking() was void and now returns the uint32_t passed to rtems_shutdown_executive().  This exit status is propagated by boot_card() to bsp_cleanup() and returned to the assembly initialization.
     42 *  rtems_initialize_start_multitasking() no longer returns to the caller (usually boot_card()).  All system termination paths should end up in _Terminate().
     43 * The clock driver API changed.  The nanoseconds extension was removed.  Clock drivers may provide a timecounter for high resolution timestamps.  See
    4344 *  RTEMS_offsetof() was removed.  This macro was not documented.  Use the standard offsetof() instead.   See
    4445 *  The file system API has changed considerably.
    5051 *  The Termios interrupt write support invocation changed.
    5152  *  Commit:
     53 * The Termios framework provides a new device model.  The old device model is still supported for legacy drivers.
    5254 *  rtems_panic() / rtems_error(RTEMS_ERROR_PANIC ...) no longer cause a halt of the local system, but a reset (assuming no application or BSP-specific fatal error extension intervenes)
    5355 *  The Mongoose HTTP / web server has been updated to version 3.9, at the last point before the MIT -> GPL license change. Its API has changed considerably. In particular, please ensure you pass an initialised ''struct mg_callbacks'' as the first argument to ''mg_start()'', with all members set to ''NULL'' if you don't use callbacks