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References from 2015

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  1. References from 2015

  • Mark Hartrampf, Hannes Filippi, Peter A. Krauss – Airbus DS GmbH, Oliver Montenbruck – DLR-GSOC, Eveline Gottzein – University Stuttgar, Germany "LION Navigator for Transfer to GEO Using Electric Propulsion" reads "The LION Navigator uses RTEMS as the operating system." full text PDF.
  • Bharade, S. K., Gopal Joshi, and D. Das. "EPICS IOC development on open source RTEMS RTOS." In Proceedings of the seventh DAE-BRNS Indian particle accelerator conference: book of abstracts. 2015 Link to article.
  • Eickhoff, J. ed., 2015. The FLP Microsatellite Platform: Flight Operations Manual. Springer. Link to Book