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References from 2001

Table of Contents

  1. References from 2001

  • "Worst-Case Execution Time Analysis of the RTEMS Real-Time Operating System." A. Colin, I. Puaut. Proc. of the 13th Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems. pages 191--198, Delft, The Netherlands. June 2001. This paper is from the ​Hades -- Operating Systems for critical applications site. They have at least this one paper on RTEMS. Sadly, this paper is mostly correct but unfortunately the authors misunderstood at least one RTEMS algorithm and incorrectly cited it as non-deterministic. :(
  • Smart Budgeting for a Smart Controller was presented at Waveform 2001 by Angelo Fraietta. This paper discusses his experience with using RTEMS in his Smart Controller -- a portable hardware device that allows performers to create music using MIDI and Programmable Logic Control.
  • EPICS on the RTEMS Real-Time Executive. W. Eric Norum. Presented at the Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation 2001 Conference, Madison, Wisconsin. August, 2001. To be published in the American Institute of Physics `Review of Scientific Instrumentation'. January, 2002.