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The RTEMS Project has two active public mailing lists whose archives are fully searchable:


  • When posting messages, please try to avoid cross posting a message to several lists.
  • Please refrain from sending messages in HTML, RTF or similar formats.
  • Please do not include or reference confidentiality notices, like:
The referring document contains privileged and confidential information. If you are not the intended recipient you must not disseminate, copy or take any action in reliance on it, and we request that you notify companyname immediately.

Such disclaimers are inappropriate for mail sent to public lists. You have knowingly submitted your post to a public list which is sent to hundreds or thousands or users and archived on multiple servers around the world. You have assumed that your unsolicited request should be honored by people who did not agree to it explicitly. Worst of you, you expect someone to answer your supposedly confidential request. Overall, it is quite absurd for the paragraph to even be put on email.

If your company automatically adds something like this to outgoing mail, and you can't convince them to stop, you might consider using a free web-based e-mail account.

  • Notices like this:
Any views expressed in this message are those of the individual sender, except where they are specifically stated to be the views of companyname.

are acceptable, although they are redundant; unless explicitly stated, it's assumed that no-one on these lists means to speak for their company.