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    2626Currently, or1k folks are working on submitting their tool-chain upstream, binutils has already been merged. When this project reaches a stable state, the code for building the tool-chain for RTEMS should be upstream too (after or1k code has been merged). Meanwhile, all the work in this area is some sort of patches that can referenced from RSB.
    28  *  binutils: By now, binutils is ported to RTEMS, but not yet upstream.
    29  *  newlib: A new newlib port (other than or1k port) is in progress. It simply supports setjmp, longjmp, and other necessary configurations.
    30  *  gcc: gcc is ported and builds fine with the previous newlib port.
    31  *  gdb: TBD
    32  *  or1k-sim: TBD
     28 *  binutils: By now, binutils support for or1k architecture is now upstreamed to cvs.
     29 *  newlib: setjmp/longjmp have been provided along with all other necessary configurations and/or code to build gcc/newlib for RTEMS. newlib work is now upstreamed to cvs without any libgloss stuff. In the future, or1k folks may add to/modify this code when they push their work to cvs.
     30 *  GCC: it's now building with newlib and able to compile all RTEMS code for or1k targets. We and OpenRISC folks are working to push the code soon to GCC upstream.
     31 *  GDB: For GDB, it's now able to debug any or1k/RTEMS code by connecting it remotely to or1ksim emulator.
     32 *  or1ksim: It's able to running test cases and used for debugging purposes along with GDB. There is a configuration script that must be provided though that describes the architecture specifications and supported devices.
    3433= '''[wiki:RTEMS RTEMS]''' =