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    112112 * In the FreeBSD Atomically compare the value stored at *dst with old and if the two values are equal, update the value of *dst with new. Returns zero if the compare failed, nonzero otherwise. In the C1X Atomically compares the value pointed to by object for equality with that in expected, and if true, replaces the value pointed by object with desired, and if false, updates the value in expected with the value pointed to by object.
     113= Design of Atomic operations API =
     116The first part is a directory structure chart, atomic.h is API definition file and cpuatomic.h is implementation file.
     118 |---/cpukit
     119       |
     120       |----score
     121              |
     122              |----include
     123              |       |
     124              |       ----rtems
     125              |       |      |
     126              |       |      ----score
     127              |       |             |
     128              |       |             ----atomic.h
     129              |------cpu
     130              |       |
     131              |       ------architecture
     132              |       |           |
     133              |       |           -------rtems
     134              |       |                     |
     135              |       |                     ----score
     136              |       |                           |
     137              |       |                           ----cpuatomic.h
     138              |       |                           |
     139              |       |                           ----cpu.h
     141Becuase most of the implementation of atomic operations are assembly instructions, if not they could also be implemented with inlilne C source code. So i place the architecture-independent atomic API definitions to the atomic.h which is visible to other rtems components like score, dirver and etc. The architecture-dependent atomic implementations are placed to the cpuatomic.h which exists in every architecture-related directory as show above. The API is associated with implementations using method like this:
     142for example, the atomic general load function API: int Atomic_Load_Acq_Int(volatile int *p)
     1431. In the implementation file cpuatomic.h it will be implemented like this:
     144   static inline int _Atomic_Load_Acq_Int(volatile int *p)
     145   {
     146       embedded assembly code;
     147   };
     1482. In the API definition file atomic.h it will be defined like this:
     149   #define    Atomic_Load_Acq_Int(p)  _Atomic_Load_Acq_Int((volatile u_int *)(p))
     1503. The cpuatomic.h should be included in the atomic.h directly or indirectly. If it is included in the atomic directly its file name should be fixed and each architecture has the same file name. If it is included in the atomic.h indirectly its file name can be unfixed and each architecture can have different file name, but it must be included by a architecture-dependent header file(like cpu.h as showed above) which can be included by architecture-independent score header file atomic.h
     154The follow is atomic operation API definition in "rtems" style:
     1551. The atomic_store generic functions
     156   void _Atomic_Store_Rel_<_type_>(volatile _type_ *p, _type_ v);
     1572. The atomic_load generic functions
     158   _type_ _Atomic_Load_Acq_<_type_>(volatile _type_ *p);
     1593. The atomic_fetch-and-modify generic functions
     160   void _Atomic_Fetch_Add_[Acq_|Rel_]<_type_>(volatile _type_ *p, _type_ v);
     161   void _Atomic_Fetch_Sub_[Acq_|Rel_]<_type_>(volatile _type_ *p, _type_ v);
     162   void _Atomic_Fetch_Or_[Acq_|Rel_]<_type_>(volatile _type_ *p, _type_ v);
     163   void _Atomic_Fetch_And_[Acq_|Rel_]<_type_>(volatile _type_ *p, _type_ v);
     1644. The atomic_compare_exchange generic functions
     165   int _Atomic_cmpset_[acq_|rel_]<_type_>(volatile _type_ *dst, _type_ old, _type_ new);
     1691. _types_:
     171Each atomic operation operates on a specific type.  The type to use is indicated in the function name.  The available types that can be used are:
     172     int  unsigned integer
     173     long unsigned long integer
     174     ptr  unsigned integer the size of a pointer
     175     32   unsigned 32-bit integer
     176     64   unsigned 64-bit integer
     177Because rtems is used in lots of soc with 8 or 16 bit bus, so some architectures can consider provide operations for types smaller than ''int''. In the FreeBSD only some architectures provide those types.
     178     char  unsigned character
     179     short unsigned short integer
     180       8   unsigned 8-bit integer
     181      16   unsigned 16-bit integer
     1832. Acq and Rel:
     184     "Acq" represens a read memory barrier which ensures that the effects of this operation are completed before the effects of any later data accesses
     185     "Rel" represens a write memory barrier which ensures that all effects of all previous data accesses are completed before this operation takes place
    113186= References =