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    129129 *  Another solution could be a Wizard/Editor for Eclipse. 
    130130 *  Another solution is to use the config infrastructure used by the GNU/Linux kernel.
    131  *  Another approach would be to use the configuration GUI from eCos and NutOS:
    133 '''There is NO consensus on how best to approach this project and you must convince the community that your approach will be the right one.
    134 '''
     131 *  Another approach would be to use the configuration GUI from eCos and NutOS:  Resources  =
    136133[wiki:TBR/User/JoelSherrill JoelSherrill] has used the GNU/Linux kernel config infrastructure for
    140137a solution that also addresses MS-Windows users. 
     139Chris Johns is the resident Python wizard and offered to help
     140define classes to do the transformations. Python is a very
     141portable language and toolkit which should be easy to
     142dynamically generate UIs in -- both TUI and GUI. Using one
     143implementation language would allow you to share the
     144"controller" portion of the program but implement
     145different "views"
    142147A better possibility is to write a GUI program in Python which reads an XML format file describing the RTEMS configuration parameters.  As the user set values, the program would store this information in another XML format file.  When it was time to write the C code to use with the RTEMS application, the GUI application would write that.  So we would have:
    144149 *  XML file describing RTEMS configuration parameters
    145150 *  XML save file with user settings
    146  *  C/H file output for use with RTEMS application=  References  =
     151 *  C/H file output for use with RTEMS application
     152=  References  =
    148154# [ Some Design work ]