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    140140The ''--march=i486'' is because If you are targeting a 32-bit x86, then you will want to build gccgo to default to supporting locked compare and exchange instructions.
    141 = Test =
     141= Testing gccgo =
    143 TBD.
    144 =  =References==
     143The gccgo testsuite can be run using the scripts found in the rtems-testing module in RTEMS source.(As of 2010-07-18, the testing patches have not been integrated into RTEMS sources).
     144= Untested testcases =
     146Not all of the tests in the testsuite are used for testing, specifically for RTEMS. This is because of various reasons pertaining to the quirks of RTEMS.
     149go.test/test/args.go execution
     150go.test/test/env.go execution
     153These testcases are untested because RTEMS doesn't handle command line arguments or the environment in the traditional way.
     156go.test/test/chan/goroutines.go execution
     157go.test/test/chan/powser2.go execution
     158go.test/test/mallocfin.go execution
     159go.test/test/sigchld.go compilation
     160go.test/test/stack.go execution
     161go.test/test/peano.go execution
     164These testcases remain untested due to their high memory requirements, which is unreasonable in the case of embedded applications, and hence, not feasible for RTEMS.
     165= Expected failures =
     167There are some testcases, which are expected faiures, when targeted on RTEMS. These are
     169go.test/test/ken/chan.go execution
     170go.test/test/ken/divconst.go execution
     171go.test/test/ken/modconst.go execution
     172go.test/test/chan/powser1.go execution
     175This is because they use a part of gccgo, which is unsupported by the port to RTEMS. This is unsupported because that part of gccgo is going to be removed and replaced.
     176= Board-specific testcases =
     178Some testcases require a total memory requirement of 16M. Now, this is reasonable for some boards, and not for others. We have decided to allow for these testcases to be passed.
     180These are
     182go.test/test/gc1.go execution
     183go.test/test/mallocrep.go execution
     184go.test/test/mallocrep1.go execution
     186= References =
    146188 *  [ Go Language]