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Tailoring RTEMS to support hypervisor/virtual machine

The idea of this project is to ease the integration of RTEMS with hypervisor/supervisor/IMA platforms. At this time, some projects already provide software to isolate different RTEMS instance in a virtual machine (for example, Xtratum). It needs to tailor RTEMS for their own needs and adapt it to communicate with the underlying hypervisor. However, this approach requires to tailor RTEMS for each hypervisor, which can be hard, especially because this adaption efforts are not shared and duplicate code. This project aims at defining a generic adaptation layer to ease the tailoring of RTEMS to hypervisor and provide an open-source/free software hypervisor implementation example. So, it consists in two parts : one to design an adaptation layer to ease the tailoring of RTEMS with hypervisors and another that would consist in providing an hypervisor to execute RTEMS instances. For the second part, existing hypervisor/virtual machine can be used (such as POK or Xtratum) but the solution has to be released under free-software license so that everybody can use it at his convenience.

As a result, this project would really use the integration of RTEMS into IMA architectures and would enable the design of ARINC653 systems with inter-partitions services.