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Light Weight Internet Protocol (LWIP)

Status: No active volunteers.

Current Port:

Update the RTEMS port of LWIP. Provide reproducible test cases so we can be sure it stays in working condition. See discussion on PR1712?

A goal of this effort is to be able to use the standard TCP/IP NIC drivers already in RTEMS. If this is feasible, then a user could switch between the full-featured BSD TCP/IP stack in RTEMS or the LWIP stack to save memory at the expense of reduced functionality.

The work would have to do :

  1. start with current LWIP source
  2. update the port for current RTEMS and current LWIP
  3. make the port portable across CPU architectures and BSPs (This is usually not as hard as it sounds.)
  4. Provide documentation and examples that run on at least qemu so others can provide feedback.
  5. Ideally use the standard BSD NIC drivers if at all technically possible so when you write a driver for one TCP/IP stack, you automatically get it for both stacks in RTEMS.